Malcolm Vardy - Noise and Vibration Consulting Engineer

I'm an independent specialist in noise and vibration in the automotive industry and have 23 years experience in the field. I am not tied to any consultancy so feel free to contact me on or by phone on 07446 144142.

Curriculum Vitae - Malcolm Vardy

Location: Bedford UK
Phone 07446 144142
Nationality: British
Date of birth: 21st April 1972

Higher Education


Churchill College, Cambridge University

Master of Arts (Engineering Science)

Career History

Mar 2003
to Present

Principal Engineer - VORD Consulting Ltd

I was lucky to have been given whole vehicle responsibility very early in my career and I’ve become quite good at it. Most often I work with Bruel & Kjaer Engineering Services as they handle the sales but I can also work independently.

  • Whole Vehicle NVH Design and Development in Sweden (2016 - 2018)
    I led NVH from through the design process to prototype build for a high performance hybrid vehicle. I enjoyed the problem solving with minimal vehicle availability typical in low volume projects. It was good fun combining the learning from consultancy with my whole vehicle experience.
  • Nuclear Reactor Commissioning in Finland (2017 - 2018)
    Accuracy of analysis was understandably important. I worked shifts over a cold but beautiful winter to acquire data, and wrote some program files to perform the analysis.
  • Acoustic Pack Cost Reduction (mostly 2010 - 2013)
    For high volume manufacturers a £10 saving on acoustic pack can result in millions of pounds savings every year. I improved the process over 6 projects and ended up using the B&K NVH Simulator to allow listenable sounds to be reconstructed from accurate ATF measurements made in an anechoic chamber.
  • Flying around the world (2010-2018)
    I would rather work in the UK, but admit it is good fun to guess what equipment to take then fly somewhere to help a client solve a problem. So far it has gone well without too many embarrasements and has given me a huge confidence boost.
  • Completely Independent work (2003 - 2018)
    Hypercar development, exhaust design in a motorsport series to meet track regulations and sound better, high speed railway tunnel data acquisition, and a whole lot of programming while time allowed.

Aug 2001 -
Mar 2003

Senior Consulting Engineer (Noise and Vibration), MSX International

My major project with MSX was to evaluate and resolve road noise concerns in a C/D class saloon car. MTS IDEA-S software was used to perform Noise Path Analysis, Multiple Input Coherence Analysis (noise decomposition), and Panel Contribution Analysis.

Targets were generated from a listening study using MTS Sound Quality, I coordinated CAE, ride and handling, and workshop teams to design and implement modifications to the development vehicle. The completed vehicle surpassed targets and the success of the project earned MSX further projects with the client.

Feb 2000 -
Aug 2001

Senior Noise and Vibration Engineer, Lotus Engineering

I carried out the NVH development programme on a client supercar project with an aluminium and carbon fibre structure. My optimisation of body sealing and acoustic pack reduced interior noise and improved sound quality while substantially reducing weight and cost. Combining LMS road test data with a 4-post shaker technique I tuned powertrain and damper mountings for secondary ride. Other activities included powertrain sound quality, wind noise, and driveline development.

Using the very effective Apex software to carry out predictive design work on exhaust silencers for two new models (one of which was turbocharged), I was able to reduce the size and weight of the exhaust silencer while improving the quality of the exhaust note.

Most fun was selling the idea of NVH to a senior project manager at Lotus. At the time they thought NVH would add weight and cost. He allowed me just a week to carry out a powertrain sound quality exercise for a model year update of their lightweight sports car. I combined objective and subjective assessments with LMS sound quality techniques. The NVH treatment I proposed reduced vehicle weight and cost, and reduced unpleasant noise. I also tuned the intake system to give the engine a more powerful and sophisticated note. The new NVH characteristics were highly praised by the automotive press.

Nov 1997-
Jan 2000

Noise and Vibration Refinement Engineer, Rolls-Royce & Bentley Motor Cars

Despite my lack of experience at the time, Bentley were kind enough to make me responsible for the NVH performance of putting the old school V8 back into the Arnarge. At the concept stage, in parallel with development of the strategy, timing and budget, I was able to demonstrate the cost, weight and NVH benefits of a fundamental change in differential mounting strategy. This new strategy was included in the project specification and worked well.

I instigated and managed a series of CAE bodyshell and suspension models to lead the design process. These models were successfully used to reduce body noise sensitivity, de-couple vehicle modes and to develop the engine mounting strategy. I appointed an external supplier to carry out the development programme under my guidance. This included the use of sound quality techniques to address specific powertrain and road noise concerns.

Sept 1995-
Oct 1997

Validation Engineer, Rolls-Royce and Bentley Motor Cars

I acted as a validation engineer at Bentley before moving into NVH. As a validation engineer I was responsible for devising and carrying out rigorous tests on powertrain and chassis systems. Other responsibilities included developing and managing timing plans for prototype vehicle usage, and compiling a monthly report to communicate validation programme status to the project team.


I enjoy learning practical crafts and writing about them on the internet. Metalworking was my first interest and is my most popular website.

My classic motor cars are covered on, and

I'm currently busy restoring an old pub and doing most of it myself. I've figured out bricklaying and am trying to perfect woodwork.

I like internet coding and ThermoTun_Online is by far the trickiest site I have ever coded - the site looks basic from the outside, but inside does some fabulous things that the internet just isn't designed to do.

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